Through our activities, we try to maximize the following three core areas of value:


Exposure is about understanding the technologies in context, not as abstractions but as concrete tools developed and used by people and organizations, evolving out of and shaping humanity; and about integrating into the industries, organizations, and communities that will be responsible for developing and implementing them. Envision seeks to provide exposure to:

  1. The technologies
    • How do these technologies actually work?
    • What do they look like?
  2. Their development
    • Who is developing these technologies, and how?
    • What does the field look like?
    • Where might future development occur?
  3. Their implementation
    • Who is implementing these technologies and regulating their use once developed, and how?
    • What are and aren’t they taking into account?
  4. Their discussion
    • What are the experts saying?
    • What is possible, and what is desirable?

There is no single “good” to be striving towards; a value judgement requires a value system. The evolutionary-scale revolutions occurring as a result of technology enable new possibilities we’ve never considered before. Envision seeks to:

  1. Cultivate an understanding of
    • The major philosophical, social, and moral considerations,
    • Potential frameworks that can be used for considering them;
  2. Facilitate the development of a personal value system taking into account the possibilities and dangers afforded by breakthrough technologies.

To build

  • Through technological innovation,
  • Through the enabling of others

To implement

  • Through entrepreneurship, policy, research, and business;

To prudently guide

  • As thought leaders in a domain.