Faculty Advisors

Shirley Tilghman

Molecular Biology and Public Policy

President Emerita of Princeton University, 2015 president of ASCB

Michael Hecht


Hecht Lab of Synthetic Biology

Joanna Bryson

Computer Science

AI researcher, affiliate of Center for IT Policy

Andrew Zwicker

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Legislator for New Jersey state

Justin Junge


Teaching a course on cyborg psychology

Jeremy Kasdin

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Astrophysics

Former chief systems engineer for NASA’s Gravity Probe B, associate fellow of AIAA

Jose Avalos

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Michael Graziano

Neuroscience, Psychology

“Attention schema” theory of consciousness

Shahram Hejazi


Venture Partner with BioAdvance

External Advisors

Andreas Mershin

Research Scientist at MIT Center for Bits and Atoms

Andrew Critch

Research Fellow at Machine Intelligence Research Institute; Co-founder at Center for Applied Rationality

Roman Yampolskiy

Director at Cyber Security Lab, University of Louisville

Robin Hanson

Professor of Economics at George Mason University; research associate at Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University

Poshak Agrawal

Founder, Athena Education